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Inverted School in Brazil: What do you think your teachers should learn?

Learn about the Inverted School project, which aims to see the school environment from the students’ point of view

With the growing need to transform the educational model, listening to the perspectives of students and educators is essential to build an educational environment in line with current demands.

During the second semester of 2023, the schools Marista Champagnat Ribeirão (Ribeirão Preto-SP), Marista Escola Social Ir. Lourenço (São Paulo-SP), Marista Escola Social Santa Mônica (Ponta Grossa-PR), Marista Escola Social Santa Marta (Santa Maria-RS), Marista São Luís (Santa Cruz do Sul-RS) and Marista Escola Social Ecológica (Almirante Tamandaré-PR) participated in the Inverted School project.

Opening the way to listening, this is a formative action in which the students explain different demands and alternatives to the educator. In this way, a training day has been created in which the pupils give lessons, inverting the learning experience.

In this innovative action, the students are the protagonists, sharing what they consider essential for learning. The guiding question was simple but profound: “What do you think your educators should learn?” This approach has been revealing valuable insights.

The question provided an important insight because, given the urgency of transforming the school model and education, it is necessary that the main parties involved in the process, students and educators, are listened to.

According to some of the protagonists of this project, “the possibility of professional exchange between the teams of São Luís and Santa Marta significantly enriched the experience” (Colégio Marista São Luís).

“Seeing the students take responsibility for the organisation of the classes and for their own learning was incredibly gratifying. This creates a more interactive and student-centred dynamic. It was an opportunity to look to the future and rethink our strategies”. (Marist Ecological Social School). “The participation of the students was well organised by the team. I noticed that everyone was eager to teach the classes, and showed their commitment to the project, from the diagnosis and planning to the execution on the day of the proposal”, they added from the Marist Social School Santa Monica.

Do you want to know more about this enriching experience? Watch the video of the project Inverted School Reports.

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