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What does it consist of?

The activity consists of visiting a Marist School in a virtual way, accumulating the kilometres that the participants of the school community, who make up the Champagnat Global Run group, accumulate. Once the kilometres have been completed, the school selected as a destination is recommended to have some kind of initiative of contact and thanks to those who chose them as a destination. The visited school can thank the participants by means of a video, an online meeting, a twinning proposal…

The launch of Champagnat Global Run will take place during Champagnat Global Week in October 2023. Schools will be able to organise, register and run the activity from October 2023 to October 2024. As many school visits can be organised as each group plans.

The Champagnat Global Run provides an opportunity for many of the Marist Schools to be seen in our media, to make themselves known and thus to generate interest in establishing contact with them in order to develop exchange initiatives.

Steps to be taken:

  1. To form a team of participants (students, teachers, management team, former students, students’ families, etc.) united by sport and the Marist spirit.
  2. Taking into account the Marist global map, they should select the school they wish to visit virtually and establish the kilometres separating the two schools. We recommend choosing a first destination that is close and realistic in order to motivate participants to reach later, more distant goals.
  3. Send the registration form to Champagnat Global. From Champagnat Global we will accompany you and we will be attentive to any support required.

4. Keeping track of the kilometres achieved, in the way and with the *tool that best suits the circumstances of each school.

5. Share information with Champagnat Global about the process being followed and especially the arrival at the destination, in order to spread the knowledge of the schools among the school community.


The activity does not have a monetary cost, however, each school is free to invest in any initiative they deem appropriate, such as the creation of T-shirts, logos or other resources.

The development of the activity by the different schools will be disseminated through the media and social networks of Champagnat Global in order to promote awareness among Marist schools globally.

*Strava is a free app, which can be very useful to measure your progress. In case of using this tool, you have to register as a group (club) in the Strava application, where each participant will also have to register personally and get their own user. A person in charge of the group must collect and add up the total done by the participants of their school on a weekly basis (as the application deletes these records and thus loses the accounting of the overall training). If there are children under the age of 13 in the group, we recommend being creative in order to integrate them and accumulate their achievements.

Strava has privacy protection for both adults and children, providing additional privacy protection for children under 18.