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Meeting of members of the Marist Global Network of Schools

From 28 November to 6 December 2022, a face-to-face meeting of members of the Marist Global Network of Schools will take place in Mexico City: CHAMPAGNAT GLOBAL.

Representatives of the General Council, regional education structures and teams, representatives of the different mission networks of the Institute (universities, publishing houses, solidarity, volunteers) and representatives of each of the provinces or districts of the Institute, responsible for the leadership of the schools or potential active promoters of Champagnat Global will participate.



The main objective of the call is to define and build in a participatory way the roadmap for Champagnat Global in the next stage: 2023-2025.

Very important too:

  • To live an international networking experience.
  • To learn and share as a family about the trends and elements that make up the essence of Champagnat Global: the Marist School Mission, collaborative networking, formation for Global Citizenship, the trends of the Catholic school for the present time, etc.
  • Promote and establish a mechanism for continuous communication and interaction between Provincial and District Education Coordinators.
  • To facilitate an experience of knowledge and school exchange with some of the Marist educational works in Mexico.

28 november

29 november

30 november

01 december


The logo designed for the event depicts a human pinwheel that can generate energy only through the sum of its parts.

The motto: “stronger Together” responds to the capacity we can achieve as a school community if we unite our diversity.