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This course is an introduction to the topic about Global Citizenship. It aims to help teachers and those responsible for Marist formation to further Marcellin Champagnat’s purpose of “Forming good Christians and good citizens” in today’s interconnected and multicultural world. It has been created and designed by the Champagnat Global team of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization of the Marist Institute, with the contribution of Br Jeffrey Crowe’s expertise and experience with Champagnat Marists from around the world.

The course consists of six (6) modules. The modules could be approached both ways: individually, for those who need to address a specific topic, and, sequentially, for those who intend to take the subject in a comprehensive manner.


  • Global citizens.
  • Bridge builders in a fragmented world.
  • Our common home / Integral ecology
  • Messengers of Peace
  • Children’s rights / Agents of change.
  • Global spirituality.


  • Flexible learning methodology. Twenty four (24) hours access, self-paced.
  • Self-teaching. Automatic evaluation.
  • Interaction in the chats (recommended). The contributions and opinions of the different participants are very enriching for everyone.
  • Asking for assistance from Champagnat Global team.


Each module will take around three (3) hours. With six (6) modules, the whole course will take eighteen hours (18) hours.


This course is pitched at those who are new to the field of Global Citizenship. It is an introduction rather than an in-depth study.


The course is available in the four (4) official languages of the Institute: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.


A certificate is given to those who have successfully completed the course.


The course is open to all those who are interested in learning about being an informed and proactive global citizen and forming students for this.

In its first edition, the participants of the course are the pioneer group of the Marist educational community (principals, teachers and collaborators of Marist schools), to be selected by the coordinators of mission and education of each of the administrative units of the Marist Institute.

To follow the course and access the link, it is necessary to register with Champagnat Global.

If you need any kind of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Champagnat Global team.