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CHAMPAGNAT GLOBAL is the meeting point for the entire Marist school community to have the opportunity to interact globally and promote activities of interest, which promote educational quality, connection, exchange, innovation and technology, evangelisation and social transformation.

Two types of activities are envisaged to be carried out in the Network:


These are aimed at the entire Marist International school community and are carried out on an ad hoc basis.


“Together to look beyond”

WEBINAR: Building the Global Compact on Education in Marist Schools

(We look forward to seeing you on the 15th of June. Register by clicking on the image)


Week of 16 to 22 October 2023

A space to share with the whole Marist School Family, the initiatives and the richness generated in AGORÁ. The programme will be available soon!


(Massive Open Online Course) Marist Course on Global Citizenship

An introduction to the topic of global citizenship that will help you to further Marcellin Champagnat’s purpose: “To form good Christians and virtuous citizens”, in today’s world. Available in October!


Champagnat Global has the AGORÁ platform, which is one of the main tools for the Network to promote communication, meeting and interaction of the Marist International School Community.

Being part of Agorá allows you to join one or more groups that discuss, debate and work on interesting initiatives with other members of the Marist Educational community. If you would like to participate in any of these groups or are interested in proposing other issues you would like to lead, please follow this link.


Conferences at the International week of Champagnat Global – Mexico 2022

Conference: Prophetic networks at the service of mission

Conference: Global Education for a Better World

Conference: Marist Schools, Homes of Light. Voices of Marist women

Champagnat Global, the new Marist Global Network of Schools

Launch – Episode 1

Launch – Episode 2

Launch – Episode 3

Marists around the world

Global School

Educational family

“Educational and pastoral approaches that served us well for decades need radical change to suit today’s youth.”

Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General

“We feel called to be agents of change, bridge-builders, transforming the lives of young people through an education that integrates awakening faith and living by Gospel values.”

22nd General Chapter – 2017

“We want to create networks and, to do so, we have to make pacts for the good, for education, for humanity.”

Br. Luis Carlos Gutiérrez Vicar General