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Integral education: one of the key reasons why the marist school Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Badajoz) leads the school rankings

The Marist College Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Badajoz) has been chosen as one of the best schools in Extremadura (Spain) for 2024. The portal Micole, which specialises in schools, has awarded this position taking into account ratings and reviews from families as well as requests to visit the school.

It is not the first time that this school is among the school rankings as it appeared in others such as: “The best schools in Spain” conducted by the newspaper El Mundo in 2018 or “The 100 best schools in Spain in 2023” conducted by Forbes magazine.

From Champagnat Global we have been able to speak with D. Olmo Silos Calderón, director of the school, to tell us all the details about the position of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in the latest ranking of Micole.

How did you receive the news that your school was among the top ten in Extremadura?

The news came to us through social networks via the press, we had just returned from the Christmas break and it was a very nice surprise.

How has it been received by teachers and pupils?

Both students and colleagues have received it in a very “Badajoz” way, with pride and joy, but with prudence and humility, without stridency.

What do you think are the reasons why you have been given this position?

Well, the truth is that we believe that the integral education offered by the Marists in Badajoz is a key to success that can make these things happen, the educational project is powerful, not only in the academic aspect, looking for academic excellence, but also in the individualisation of the treatment of the person, from the emotional to the social, this environment that the school creates, mixed with the renovation of spaces, makes us very satisfied.

What are the main values instilled in the school?

As Marists, I like to think that what the school transmits in terms of values is the humility of things well done; from there, bearing in mind the other two violets of simplicity and modesty, we try to ensure that they experience in their day-to-day life necessary values such as companionship, family feeling, love for work, respect…

What are the challenges for 2024?

We are working to make inclusion a day-to-day reality, based on the change of paradigm that DUA proposes to us, both in the culture and policy of the centre and in our daily educational practices. In addition, we want to continue to grow in the improvement of our facilities, as well as to continue to maintain the Marist charism based on the importance of identity as a seed of growth and learning for the life of our students, the professionals who work in the centre, as well as the Educational Community in general.

If you could only choose one quality of your school, what would it be?

A sense of family, where all the professionals (brothers and lay Marists) and groups that are part of the centre, live as if we were at home (the motto is great this year) with its joys and sorrows, but feeling this spirit of community as something worthwhile.

One piece of advice I would give to other schools…

I am not the person to give advice, I can only say that I like to believe in people who are the ones who change things, I believe a lot in the human group that moves the Centre and also in the students and families who are committed to live this vital experience.

Discover all the news of this school through its website.

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