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English Fun Corner, the fun way to learn English at Maristak Durango

Talks, escape rooms or video calls are some of the ways in which the Maristak Durango school (Spain) is promoting English with its high school students.

As part of the English Fun Corner linguistic project, teachers teach English more focused on practising the language as a vehicular language. To do this, they prepare different activities each term.

“During the first term we held talks on English culture with a competition in the form of an interaction between Mark (an English teacher) and the pupils,” the school explains.

But that’s not all, last week the pupils also solved an escape room in English with a British professional. It is a game where a team has to solve a proposed enigma.

The next activity planned for the last term is to contact an English-speaking Marist school to carry out an online language project.

If you are an English-speaking school and you are interested in participating with Maristak Durango, you can join our Internationalisation group in Agora or contact our team.

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