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Re-imagining education. Marist Province of Cruz del Sur: a valuable reference point

As an institution intimately linked and committed to teaching, it is recurrent to find in many of our Marist structures and schools processes of innovation and educational transformation that respond to the new challenges and needs that our times require.

From Champagnat Global we have had the opportunity to learn about the process being carried out by the Cruz del Sur Province (Paraguay-Argentina and Uruguay) and which can really be a reference for those who are thinking of transforming their educational processes.

Advised by the Reimagine Education Lab team (Xavier Aragay and Jonquera Arnó), three years ago the province began a process of work and deepening with its management teams, taking a group of schools as “pilot schools”. Today, 16 schools in the province are in the process of Reimagine, whose methodology (Riedusis) helps to reformulate the educational model, the internal culture, the organisation and the physical space, setting up a comprehensive innovation project based on “learning to learn”.

Another programme that is having a very positive impact on the province’s educational work is: Abrazando Infancias (Embracing Childhood), in whose pedagogy, the learning environments are inspired by the pupil as the protagonist, where he/she is allowed to be and to do, to circulate and to inhabit. The aim is to understand and get to know the pupils who inhabit these spaces in order to care for, protect and encourage their curiosity, vitality, spontaneity, creativity, imagination, free spirit and their need to explore by bringing their five senses into play.

We thank the Cruz del Sur province for the commitment and effort they are making to re-imagine their educational process and for their generosity in sharing their experience.

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