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The first Champagnat Global Week

The first Champagnat Global Week took place from the 16th to the 20th October.

These were very special days in which Marists from all the world interacted on topics of interest for school life.

On Monday 16th, a course on Global Citizenship was launched for a pioneering group that will be trained in the knowledge of how to live and promote the experience of global citizenship among our students. This course will be open, in a few months, to the whole Marist educational community.

On Tuesday 17th we had the opportunity to meet all those interested in carrying out online or face-to-face exchanges between the different Marist schools in the world. In Agorá, we have an internationalisation group where you can find many contacts.

On Wednesday 18 we were able to enjoy a wonderful conference given by an expert in educational innovation: Xavier Aragay, from whom we were able to learn about the keys to tackling the transformation required by today’s schools. In the Agorá innovation group, his interesting and valuable proposal is available, which can enlighten us so much in our actions.

On Thursday 19th we experienced a very enriching webinar, learning from the experiences of many of our colleagues who in different parts of the world are creatively developing spirituality in the daily practice of teaching in Marist schools. In the interiority group of Agorá, you will be able to find the interesting experiences that were shared.

On Friday 20th we met a group interested in promoting the knowledge of the Marist Schools through the development of a sporting activity and we launched the Champagnat Global Run. If you are interested in finding out more and want to promote it in your school, be sure to visit the Champagnat Global Run Agora group.

Don’t miss the week in pictures and find out what happened in this short video!

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