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Learning Resource Centre boosts student academic development at Manatí School

Since we remodelled and reconceptualised the Learning Resource Centre in 2022, it has become a fundamental space for the School: a meeting place, a space to dream and discover, with tools for research and collaborative work.

One of the cornerstones of this project is the Virtual Library, a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which provides access to a wide range of educational resources: encyclopaedias, books, audiovisual material and educational magazines. This platform has become an essential tool for students and teachers.

By collaborating with COBIMET – a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving virtual library services and information skills in the digital age – the Learning Resource Centre has paved the way for students to access a multidisciplinary database, tailored to their specific information needs, from anywhere.

Teachers, for their part, find in the library an ally to reinforce academic skills and strengthen 21st century skills, allowing students to effectively use information sources relevant to their learning.

The Learning Resource Centre is not limited to the virtual realm, but provides physical spaces for the integral and educational development of each student. With a dedicated conference room for group studies, club meetings, workshops and more, the Centre stands as a meeting point for the educational community.

In addition, there is a computer room equipped with Microsoft software, providing access to essential tools for academic development. The children’s room, with age-appropriate printed and tangible materials, provides an open environment for both students and teachers, encouraging learning in a variety of academic and personal areas.

Committed to the education of our children and youth, the centre conducts multiple daily curricular and extra-curricular activities. In 2023 a Reading Club was successfully launched, integrating 30 students from first to fourth grade. Led by Racaly Hernández, our Librarian, Enil Carbó, Elementary School Coordinator, and Honor Society student leaders, this club selects books and novels that cover diverse areas of child development.

And so, by these means, we seek to contribute to bringing St. Marcellin’s dream to life through our Learning Resource Centre.

Mariela Márquez Marrero – Communications Coordinator and Presidential Assistant

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