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CHAMPAGNAT GLOBAL is the meeting point for the whole Marist school community to have the opportunity to interact globally and promote activities of interest.

In order to make the Marist Global School Network experience a reality, various types of activities are developed and on this occasion we would like to invite you to participate in the CHAMPAGNAT GLOBAL WEEK. The week of 16 to 20 October.

The initiatives that form part of the programme are aimed especially at the principals and teachers of the 600 Marist schools around the world.

According to the interests of each one and according to the programme planned for this year, you will be able to take part in meetings where:

– You will discover how education can be re-imagined.

– You will learn how to carry out exchanges between Marist schools.

– You will learn how to be creative in developing your students’ experience of interiority.

– You will have the opportunity to participate and get involved in an international Marist sporting activity.

To find out more and to register, ENTER HERE.


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