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Apple recognises Santa María’s School as a benchmark in education

Marista Santa María School (Villalba, Spain) has received the Apple Distinguished School award, which is given to schools that stand out for their excellence in innovation, leadership and educational excellence.

There are only 19 schools in Spain with this accreditation and Maristas Santa María is the first Marist school with this distinction.

As its website points out, Santa María School has been characterised as a school that is “restless, constantly changing, innovative, attentive to diversity and with the aim of accompanying our students so that they become people who show solidarity, committed to their environment, creative and capable of transforming society with a critical spirit”.

Some of the factors on which Apple bases school eligibility are that each student has a device, innovative use of the Apple platform, faculty proficiency in using iPad or Mac, and ongoing research practices that evaluate the school’s progress and success, as well as next steps in the technology programme.

In addition, schools eligible to apply for this recognition are by invitation only if they meet the qualification and eligibility requirements.

The aim of this style of learning is none other than “to empower our students to lead, to learn and to thrive, to discover new opportunities, and to make their world a better place. All this without leaving aside our pedagogical traits that we strive to transmit to the whole educational community every day: simplicity, presence, family spirit, love of work and all this in the style of Mary, our Good Mother”.

Discover all the innovation projects that Maristas Santa María School is carrying out.

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