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The Champagnat Global Run is already underway

Sport and global networking go hand in hand in this project, presented last Global Week, whose objective is to establish contacts between Marist schools around the world.

The first to start was Chamberí (Madrid) which decided to begin with a nearby goal: the school San José del Parque. What they didn’t know at the time was that they would be the second school in Spain to take part in this initiative: La Merced – Fuensanta (Murcia). Once the two schools had established contact, they decided to go together to their next destination: Malaga. 

On the other side of the Atlantic, they have also buckled their trainers and are already travelling kilometres, in this case, between countries. 

On the one hand, the Hidalgo school in Cocula (Mexico) has a clear objective: Christopher Columbus (Miami – United States) and this is reflected in the launch video of their first target school.

Santiago González, director of Hidalgo de Cocula, already has his next destination clear and although it is still a secret, we can say that from this great little secondary school they are going to cross the pond with one objective: to raise awareness of the importance of learning languages among their students. 

These three schools have already started to run kilometres, but three others are already organising the start of the Global Run. This is the case of Maristes Anna Ravell (Barcelona), Instituto Queretano San Javier (Mexico) and ICFP Diocese Baucau (Timor).

Do you want to take part in this initiative? We leave you all the information and details about Global Run as well as the steps to register.

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