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Implementation of the Marist Global Network of Schools

The week of 25-29 October 2021 saw a very special event: the launch of the Marist Global School Network. Since 2017, when we were invited by the General Chapter to Journey Together as a Global Family, steps have been taken to create a common meeting place for the Marist International School Community.

Over the course of several years, the common dream that has materialised in the Champagnat Global Network has been built in a creative and collaborative way: a meeting point for the entire Marist school community to have the opportunity to interact globally and to promote activities of interest that promote quality educational, connection, exchange, innovation and technology, evangelisation and social transformation.

The operational plan of the Champagnat Global Network includes activities aimed at the school community such as: face-to-face and online meetings with educational coordinators and leaders, webinars with school leaders, teachers and parents, and international educational projects developed jointly by different schools. We will also launch massive open online courses (MOOCs) on topics of general interest and aimed at an unlimited number of participants.

Champagnat Global, has a digital platform, AGORÁ, which is one of the main tools of the Network to promote communication, meeting, and interaction of the International Marist School Community.

Agorá will facilitate, on a global level:

  • Cultivating Marist identity and a sense of belonging
  • Cultivating a sense of Marist identity and belonging
  • Sharing experiences and good practices.
  • Fostering synergies and collaboration
  • Encourage exchange between members of the school community.
  • Carrying out international academic projects.
  • Promote solidarity and social transformation.

Having experienced a stage of collective design of the creation of the Network model, under the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, which concluded with the launch of Champagnat Global, we are beginning a new stage in the implementation of the Network, which we will continue to build together in three phases:

  • Validation: The Network, far from being a final product, is a minimum viable product, which has enough features to allow us pioneers to live the network experience, and to go about validating the assumptions with which the model has been built in its design phase.
  • Iteration: The experience will allow us to gather a great deal of learning that will help us to keep adding functionalities to the Network and keep developing, incremental versions that respond to our real needs.
  • Scaling up: Once our model has been validated and after sufficient experience, we will be ready and able to achieve high growth and be able to focus on mass impact transformations.

We will soon inform you of the Open Network activities that will take place during the year 2022 at Champagnat Global.

From 15 December 2021 you will be able to join Agorá‘s pioneer groups.

Champagnat Global a place where we all belong!