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Conversation and presentation of Champagnat Global to Marist leaders in formation in Chile

On the 19th, the Executive Secretary of Champagnat Global, Dr. Javier Llamas, was present, by videoconference, at the meeting of Marist directors from Chile who are completing the Diploma in Marist Charismatic Leadership at CEM (Centre of Marist Spirituality).

At the meeting, the participants discussed the importance of the formation of global citizens in the Marist school and how this should be part of the characteristic of the school. They also talked about the importance of being an active part of the global network of Marist schools, Champagne Global, and how collaboration and creativity are fundamental to its success. The need to work together in a world of uncertainty and constant innovation and how the network can help address these challenges was discussed.

In addition, the importance of global learning and perspectives in education was highlighted, highlighting the need for tools and platforms that encourage the exchange of ideas and collaboration between students and teachers from different countries. Examples of projects and programmes that promote cultural diversity and school transformation were also mentioned, and the importance of perspectives in understanding reality and decision-making was discussed.

Champagnat Global is not a provider of magic solutions, but it is the place where you can find tools and above all people who can be key in supporting us in collaborative action and in the search for collective responses to the enormous challenges we face in today’s world.

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