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Champagnat Global Workshop – Africa Region

In response to the initiative agreed at the May meeting in Nairobi between the Secretariat for Education and Evangelisation and the African Mission Commission, a workshop on the functioning of the Marist Global Network of Schools: Champagnat Global was held on the 21st and 22nd June for members of the Marist Provinces of the African Region. Most of the participants were responsible for schools in the provinces of Madagascar, Nigeria, Southern Africa, East Central Africa and West Africa.

The workshop was led by Javier Llamas, Executive Secretary and Ángela Mediero, Head of Communications at Champagnat Global and ran according to the following agenda:

First of all, all the participants were greeted and invited to introduce themselves briefly to the others. This was followed by a moment of introspection while enjoying the song “Marcelino ensinou” from the Santa Marta School and Social Centre (Brazil).

Attendees were introduced to Champagnat Global by taking them through the network’s journey.

In addition, they were introduced to some of the open network activities, such as the Champagnat Global Week that will take place from 16th to 22nd October or the upcoming launch of the massive online course on global citizenship.

Afterwards, they were guided through our AGORÁ platform, explaining its functionalities, and then moved on to the practical part in which the participants registered in the platform, as well as in the newsletter to keep up to date with the network’s events.

Finally, they were invited to follow us on social media (@ChampagnatGlobal), to continue building the network of the Marist school community, walking together as a Global Family.

José Sánchez Bravo (Pepe), and the Brothers of the Africa Mission Commission: Francis Jumbe, Michel Maminiaina, Isaac Kwame and Michel Longena for the impulse of the initiative. A big thank you also goes to Brothers Mark Omede and Mark Willians Iwu who did a great job in motivating the presence of Nigerian Marists at the meeting.

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