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Brothers Luis Carlos, Goyo and Allan visit and encourage Marist schools in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to join Champagnat Global

In late January and early February, Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General and Goyo Linacero, Project Director of the Strategic Plan of the General Administration, together with Brother Allan de Castro, Provincial of East Asia, visited some of the Marist schools in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Marist presence in China dates back to 1891 when Brothers from France arrived in Shanghai. Later in 1954 they founded St. Francis Xavier College in Hong Kong, which today has two high schools: Tsuen Wan and SFXC.

In Malaysia, where there are now 3 Marist schools, the brothers began their educational work in Kuala Lumpur in 1956. The visit, on this occasion, was to the school in Petaling, Jaya.

The brothers also visited Maris Stella Secondary School in Singapore, where the brothers began their work in 1958.

Throughout the visit to these schools in the region of Asia, the brothers conveyed to the directors, teachers and students the importance of joining the Marist Global Network of Schools and sharing the cultural and academic richness that they have in their academic centres at the same time as being able to benefit from contact with the rest of the Marist world.

From Champagnat Global, the invitation is that we take advantage of the different possibilities that the Marist school world offers us to establish connections that make our education have that international character that is increasingly valued in educational systems that promote an intercultural, interdisciplinary, collaborative and supportive approach.

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