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AGORÁ group coordinators meeting

AGORÁ is the tool that allows the meeting and interaction between the Marist educators of the Global Network of Schools. AGORÁ is a platform that allows the creation of groups of educators from different parts of the world to talk, debate and work on initiatives of common interestEach group has one or several coordinators who encourage the internal dynamics to follow.

On 5th July, convened by the team of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization, the leaders of the AGORÁ groups met online to share their work experience. Coming from 9 countries, 20 of the leaders belonging to the 11 groups that currently make up the platform participated.

The central part of the meeting was developed around a dynamic in which 4 questions were answered through a participatory Padlet. Some of the responses were:

What aspects of Champagnat Global have inspired you the most so far?

  • Ease of international connection.
  • Global family feeling.
  • Great opportunities for our schools.

What feelings have been generated in you by being a pioneer of Champagnat Global?

  • Empowerment to carry out the direction of the group.
  • Emotion and at the same time some anxiety about responsibility.

What positive aspects have you discovered in the group work that you encourage?

  • Knowledge of other people and their diversity.
  • Contagious energy through building new relationships.
  • Hope that what we are sowing will bear fruit.

In what do you think we should grow in the coming months so that the work of the groups approaches the ideal?

  • Introduce the Network.
  • Generate a structure that allows combining times.
  • Promote exchange and knowledge between groups.

Once the moment of sharing was over, Javier Llamas, Project Manager of Champagnat Global, encouraged people to participate in the personal introduction forum at Ágora: and to take advantage of the platform’s tools to boost interaction.

Brother Carlos Alberto Rojas, Director of the Secretariat for Education and Evangelization, concluded the meeting by thanking Mr. Pep Buetas for his support in the dynamics of work during the meeting and the good spirit that is being created among those who are doing the work as pioneers in the development of the Network. At the same time, he commented on the possibility of rotating the leadership role over time and that other members assume the leading of the groups.

Finally, all the participants received information about the face-to-face meeting of CHAMPAGNAT GLOBAL that will take place from November 28 to December 7, 2022, in Mexico. Under the motto: “Stronger Together”. This gathering is expected to finish the building phase and define the roadmap to be followed in the network of schools define its next stage 2023-2025 in a participatory manner.

Champagnat Global is a space to promote communication and educational synergy, “a place where we all belong”. If you want to get involved, find out and contact us.