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The network that is being woven


The Marist Global Network of Schools project has been one of the responses to the call of the XXII General Chapter, which is being led by the General Council, through the Secretariat of Education and Evangelisation.

From the outset, we wanted to develop the initiative in a collaborative way and that is the reason why we are following a very participative process in which the network is being woven from the contribution of all those involved in the Marist educational community. At the moment, the essential elements, for the global network, that can be highlighted from the dreams projected by those who have participated in the first co-creative phase are:

  • It is woven by being faithful to its essence, fraternal, evangelising, putting the person at the centre, especially the most vulnerable.
  • It reaffirms its commitment to the Global Pact for Education, listening to the voice of children, adolescents and young people and seeing the family as the first and indispensable subject of education.
  • It appreciates diversity in unity, modelling unity in the midst of diversity, leaving no one behind, facing crises in a different way, regionally, globally, not only provincially.
  • It is built from participation, dialogue, sharing, solidarity, involving all the actors of education. (Teachers, children, families…).
  • It generates new opportunities from a shared leadership of Brothers and lay people. Vigorous, inspiring, innovative.
  • It allows us to be connected, to share, to grow and to learn. It is a network that is close, connected, global, technological, innovative, with impact and that reaches those who do not have internet.
  • It is based on and builds relationships, establishing alliances with important entities in relation to education, sharing resources, fostering the exchange of teachers and students between our institutions.
  • It has an impact on society and its communities, transcending borders, spreading life, Marist spirit and solidarity. Building educational excellence offered in all schools, regardless of their level.

The Network is being woven together, and little by little, the future phases will continue to help us to give concrete form to the aspirations that are being projected.

For the moment, with everyone’s contributions, several areas of opportunity have emerged:

educational quality – connection – exchange – innovation – technology – evangelisation – social transformation.

These areas will help us to group together many proposals for action that are emerging from the collaborative work, in order to then determine their viability.