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Co-creating the Network


In the last text on Getting to know the Marist Global Network of Schools, we talked about the basic ideas behind the Network. Our objective is for the network to contribute to the growth, vitality and sustainability of Marist Mission through schools.

Once the General Council decided in 2021 to proceed with the launch of a Network of Schoolsa process of co-creation began, with planned, collaborative activities carried out by the Secretariat of Education and Evangelisation.

There are three important moments in this collaborative phase for imagining and designing the network through collective creativity.

In May 2021an online meeting of Education coordinators from all regions of the Institute took place.

The Asia, Oceania and Africa regions met on 27 May, with 26 participants from 9 Administrative Units.  On 28 May the Europe, South America and Northern Arc regions met with 40 members from 16 Administrative Units present.

The on-line workshop lasted 4 hours.  Its main purpose was for participants to begin to get a feeling for the project of having a network and fall in love with this dream, and for them, in turn, to encourage the participation of others by sharing their experience with their contacts.

At the end of August and the beginning of Septemberinter-regional lead-up events of educational leaders will be held, in which other representatives of the educational community besides the coordinators will participate: (Brothers, principals, teachers, students, parents…) It will also be held by regions: on 26 August, the regions of Asia and Oceania, on 9 September, Arco Norte and South America and on 23 September, Europe and Africa. Around 1,100 participants are expected to attend.

During the week of 25-29 October, a series of activities are planned with the aim of making known, on a massive scale, what the Marist Global Network of Schools intends to be.

To this end, it was decided to seek the assistance of the Institute for Dialogue and Appreciative Inquiry (IDEIA).

Appreciative Inquiry is a methodology of dialogue, encounter, proposal design and alignment of vision, mission and action.

Appreciative enquiry involves the disciplines of appreciation, inquiry and planning.

Its approach is to build on recognised strengths and open new possibilities, aligning individual, congregational and collective aspirations; to create common dreams as we look at issues in the design of proposals and commitments to get the network going.