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This is how Maristas Murcia’s Global Run route went

Maristas Murcia La Merced-Fuensanta has participated under the name of Maristas Murcia Run in the Champagnat Global Run 23-24, accumulating kilometres running and making a route during the school year in which we have virtually passed through eleven Marist sites.

During the first school term, the route was through the Iberian Peninsula: Chamberí (Madrid), Málaga, Castillo de Maimón (Córdoba), Lisbon, La Coruña and Barcelona were the stages. All the schools welcomed us with open arms, with some videos and tokens of affection for having chosen them as destinations.

After the Christmas holidays, we went beyond our borders. Then, each of our foreign destinations was selected for a special reason: La Valla (France), Moyle Park (Ireland, where our students take English courses in the summer), Rome as the Generalate, closing with visits to Aleppo (Syria) and Babenga (Cameroon) to give visibility to the work of Maristas Azules and the solidarity project that our school has carried out this year, respectively.

We have also had the good fortune to have been selected by two schools as a destination: the Externato Marista de Lisboa and the Colegio Cervantes de Costa Rica, whom we thank for their visit.

The efforts of the students during their Physical Education classes and those of the rest of the Marist Community(parents, teachers, PAS, former students and friends) who have made the effort to go to all the destinations mentioned above, have allowed us to get to know a little more about Marists around the world and in some cases to strengthen bonds of friendship that we hope will remain in our memories.

Sport is one of the pillars that the Marist Brothers have historically instilled in so many generations of students of our centenary institution and this project has been an opportunity to make it visible and share it

We have been looking forward to going around the world but the school year is over and it’s time to rest for the holidays. Thanks to the organisers of the Champagnat Global Run for this initiative!

Pablo José García Guerrero – Responsible for the Global Run in Maristas Murcia

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