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“This is happening” in Champagnat Global

Meeting of the Champagnat Global team with the Integrated Network of Basic Education of Marist Brazil

On May 2nd the Champagnat Global team had the opportunity to meet and interact with the Integrated Network of Basic Education that unites all the Marist Schools of Brazil. The Integrated Network is a new initiative on the part of the Marist Union of Brazil (UMBRASIL) which aims to promote a process of growing unity and action of Marist schools and social schools in Brazil. Its purpose, in terms of joint management of the schools in that country, is to guarantee the vitality and sustainability of the charism transmitted by St. Marcellin Champagnat for the present and the future.

The meeting was very fruitful in noting that the various types of educational networks that are being generated in the Marist Institute are complementary. Some networks have a joint management character, as in the case of the Integrated Network of Marist Schools of Brazil, while others emphasize animation and synergies, as in the case of Champagnat Global. Both networks are complementary and enrich our Marist mission in all aspects.

Participation of Champagnat Global in the meeting of the Directive Team of the Volunteering Network (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Valdícer Fachi of the Department of Collaboration for International Mission (CMI) considered it opportune to take advantage of the presence of the Champagnat Global Team in Brazil to share about the possibilities of collaboration that the Global Network of Schools offers to the international Marist volunteer project.

Brother Carlos Alberto Rojas, Director of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization, and Javier Llamas, Project Manager of Champagnat Global, presented the proposal of the Network of Schools and shared with the participants a reflection on the initiatives that can be promoted to make known the experience of volunteering in the international Marist school community. The Marist Global Schools Network is, without a doubt, a very favorable means to promote Marist volunteerism for students and especially among educators. 

Support from the Secretariat for Education and Evangelization for the strategic school reflection in South Africa

On May 13 and 14, 2022, the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization of the Institute was invited to participate in a meeting of the custodians and members of the national council of schools to discuss their future strategy in South Africa. In this country the Institute has 5 schools with a great tradition and prestige in the educational system of the country.

Responding to the invitation of Brother Norbert Mwila, animator of the Marist Province of Southern Africa, Brother Mark Omede, assistant director of the Secretariat, and Javier Llamas, manager of the Champagnat Global Marist Schools Network Project, shared with the South African team the experiences and good practices that are being carried out throughout the Marist world and that can be a reference for the design of the local strategy.

It is very interesting to note that the challenges that arise in the educational and administrative work of Marist schools in the world are increasingly complex, but at the same time the tools and mentality that we develop are also more collaborative and participatory. We are confident that we can count on the power of collective strength when it comes to solving our challenges.