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Thank you Beto and Mark!

The General Council, following the call of the XXII Marist General Chapter (2017) to “Walk together as a global family”, entrusted Brothers Carlos Alberto Rojas (Beto) and Mark Omede as heads of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelisation, with the mission of developing a model of a Marist global school network that we all know as Champagnat Global.

It is a project that is taking its first steps but which we are sure will be very strategic for the future viability and sustainability of the Marist educational mission.

From Champagnat Global we would like to thank Beto and Mark in a very special way for having created and promoted this initiative in an innovative, creative and collaborative way.

Behind the launch there is a lot of hard work and generous dedication, which has really paid off. Beto, Mark: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Before ending your responsibility in the secretariat and taking up your new mission, we would love you to share with us what has been most significant aspect of the Champagnat Global design experience and what message do you leave to the whole Marist international school community about Champagnat Global?

“Creating new things will always be a unique experience. It involves searching, risk, creativity, uncertainty, joys and also difficult moments. Today, thanks to God and the help of so many Marists, Champagnat Global is born, strong and growing. To have led the team that gave birth to this project has been an immense blessing. We sowed the first seed of what will be the strengthening of the animation and management of the Marist schools of the future. 

Just as in today’s world people, governments or institutions promote division and exclusion, our Marist Global Network of Schools is a prophetic sign of fraternity, union and inclusion. As we have recently said to each other, <<together we are stronger>>, so we go forward convinced of this. The day to day school agenda and the amount of things to do invite us to think creatively: how to do things differently without adding to the many activities we already face, counting on the perspective and support of the network. Pioneers who can move forward in this field and share their experiences with us are key at this time.

An embrace of gratitude to each and every one of the educators in so many parts of the world who give their best in Marist schools. Thanks to those who have collaborated in this launching phase of Champagnat Global. Let’s get down to work to achieve its consolidation.

“The most significant experience is that of collaboration from the inception to the launching phase of the network. It is evident that all those who shared interests unanimously accepted the creation of the network that will best serve Marist educational ministry. 

My message to the international school community is that Champagnat Global is here to stay and that all involved in Marist education should embrace and participate in it. All Marist schools around the same table for the care and future of children and young people.”

1 thought on “Thank you Beto and Mark!”

  1. Beto, Mark, thank you very much for having taken the first steps that have made possible the creation of this beautiful and important project for the Marist family. Of course, thank you very much for trusting me and letting me be part of this.
    The roads do not separate, they seek different paths to arrive at the same place.

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