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Pre-summit Asia and Oceania


About 75 Marist school system leaders, school principals, teachers, parents, old students, and the current students gather online on the 26th of August 2021 during the Pre-Summit on the Marist Global Network of Schools.

The Pre-summit which is interregional had the Asia and Oceania regions in dreaming and creating the processes leading to the actualization of the schools’ network. This was the first among the three pre summits planned to take place between the months of August and October. This also is the second stage in the cocreation reflection towards the official launch of the network (workshops, pre-summits, and summits). The participants (school system leaders, school principals, teachers, parents, old students, and the current students) shared their aspirations and hopes turning them into concrete proposals leading to a guideline of action in the practical development of the Network.

Marist family spirit was visible throughout the sessions and to continue fostering the spirit of co-design which was started with the education coordinators in the first workshops, we continue to build on the methodology of appreciative inquiry that encourages dialogue and encounter in the design of the proposals. Miriam Subirana, founder of the Institute for dialogues and appreciative inquiry and Pep Buetas, professionals in the methodology, continued the facilitation of the presummit, whose main objective was to fall in love and spread the dream and co creation of the Marist Global Network of Schools.

Arising from the discussion and reflection and in summary, the elements that were considered a priority to make the network are:

  • That the Network provide Internet access and technology.
  • That the Network structure and leadership provide ways to connect nationally and internationally.
  • That a digital Platform be put in place to facilitate interaction and interconnectivity among Marist schools.
  • That it becomes a forum for Connection of people and Exchange of resources and ideas.
  • That it should promote sharing among all, favour Inclusion and women’s equality
  • That proper Communication and publicity be put in place to promote the project.
  • That training be organised for educators and the system leaders from time to time.

The official launch of the Global Network will take place in the last week of October with series of activities that will involve all Marist of Champagnat. Be prepared to join the team and be part of the epoch-making event in the life of the Marist Education Mission.