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Online language exchange between Spain and South Africa

Students from the 6th grade of primary school of the Anna Ravell Marist Schools in Barcelona (Spain) had a meeting with students from the 6th grade of primary school of Sacred Heart School in Johannesburg (South Africa). They were able to know each other and talked about their countries, their schools and their interests. The students from both schools pointed out that there is something in common that unites and identifies them, and that is Marist values.

The Foreign Language Department of the Anna Ravell Marist School in Barcelona continues this academic year to organise online language exchanges, taking advantage of Champagnat Global, the extensive international network of Marist schools with 600 centres around the world. As they point out, “through these exchanges, students improve their communication skills in different languages such as English or French, and also have the opportunity to get to know other cultures, to meet and recognise themselves in others”.

Congratulations for this experience of exchange that makes the Marist Global Network of Schools grow and become richer because… Champagnat Global is a place where we all belong.

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