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Looking forward to the future

We have every reason to be very happy to have realised the call of the XXII General Chapter to “Journey together as a global family” in the Marist school community. Champagnat Global is a reality marked by the achievement of some very interesting milestones as we have just described in the previous section. It is now up to us to continue to validate, develop and promote the network model that we decided together just a year ago.

Brother Carlos Alberto Rojas, Director of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelisation, and Brother Okolo mark Omede, Assistant Director, were the ones who, by mandate of the General Council, took the first steps to make concrete the project that  is today  Champagnat Global. We wanted to ask them, who have guided and managed the process of building the network from the very first minute, what aspects they consider important so that this creature, barely a year old, continues to grow healthy, robust, and energetic. Here is their answer:

There are many challenges ahead of us, especially creating a culture of global interaction. This process, as with the example of the baby, cannot be forced. What we are doing requires a development that we must nurture and wait for the growth that, in every human being as in organisations, has different moments.

We also feel that in general we are somewhat overwhelmed by numerous commitments in the day-to-day running of the schools. Champagnat Global cannot be an additional burden but on the contrary a help to carry out our mission better. Perhaps it is not a question of doing more but of doing differently what we are already doing.

At this point it is key to define the roadmap for the next three years of CHAMPAGNAT GLOBAL and we are thinking of some important indicators to consider in our itinerary:

To make Champagnat Global known in the school community and position itself as a valuable tool in adding value to the Marist mission.

Maintain a constant connection with the different mission networks, regional and global structures, promoting the collaborative model that has been fostered during the design and launch of Champagnat Global.

Further validating the network model and adapting technological solutions to the real needs of the global school community.

Managing the transition from a network project to an organisational structure that requires a management model and a regulatory framework.

Champagnat Global is a fresh, new, energetic idea for the Institute and its future is exciting.When we talk to educators and youth groups about the Global School Network, there isenthusiasmand excitement about being part of it. This is a network that belongs to everyoneandrequires care and dedication. Let us together make it a reality that: ChampagnatGlobal is the place where we all belong.