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Liceo Salvadoreño Marist Centenary Cup Celebration (El Salvador)

Liceo Salvadoreño celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit of unity the Marist Centenary International Cup, a sporting event commemorating 100 years of Marist presence in the institution. This special event, held on 16, 17 and 18 May, brought together several Marist schools from the region: Liceo San Luis, Colegio Champagnat, Liceo Salvadoreño, Instituto Católico de Oriente from El Salvador, Liceo Guatemala and Colegio Marista Alajuela from Guatemala and Costa Rica, respectively.

The Marist Centenary International Cup, held at the Liceo Salvadoreño, featured competitions in men’s and women’s basketball, as well as men’s football, highlighting not only the sporting skills of the students, but also the camaraderie and family spirit that characterises the Marist community.

In the boys’ basketball category, the results were as follows:

  • First place: Liceo Guatemala
  • Second place: Liceo Salvadoreño
  • Third place: Colegio Marista Alajuela

In the women’s basketball category, the winners were:

  • First place: Liceo Guatemala
  • Second place: Liceo Salvadoreño
  • Third place: Liceo San Luis

In the boys’ football competition, the results were:

  • First place: Instituto Católico de Oriente
  • Second place: Liceo Salvadoreño
  • Third place: Liceo Guatemala

The closing of the Marist Centenary International Cup was a true celebration of unity and celebration. All the athletes participated in a joyful get-together that closed the event on a high note, highlighting the sporting spirit and the sense of belonging to a great Marist family.

This event not only celebrated a century of commitment to education and Marist values, but also strengthened the bonds of fraternity between the different participating schools, demonstrating that beyond competition, the most important thing is unity and mutual respect.

Congratulations to all the participants and organisers for a memorable event that will remain in the history of the Liceo Salvadoreño and the Marist family!

Communication Office – América Central

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