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Lenten Solidarity collection for ST Pius X (Cameroon)

The Lenten collection in ST Pius X in Tatum (Cameroon) this year was a great success not because the amount collected was so big but because the aim for which this exercise was carried out was achieved.

The students of St Pius X Catholic College Tatum were made to understand that blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes. This was during a sensitization carried out by the Pastoral coordinator for the school.

Most of our students here have benefited from help ranging from school fees, studying materials or even foodstuffs. This is because the school is located at the heart of the ongoing Anglophone conflict in Cameroon. Most of the students therefore are not able to enjoy the privileges of other young children/Students around the world.

The Lenten collection was a four week exercise that started on Ash Wednesday with collection of alms during the Mass and other daily/weekly collections that were done in classes.

At the end of the season the students had contributed a whooping sum of 40925 francs. This amount was used to assist eight students (5000 each) who could not afford to complete the school fees, a gesture applauded by the students and staff who were so happy to learn their friends will not be sent away for fees.

For us, these were signs that the students had understood the message of solidarity and are willing to share. The spirit of contributing to help the less privilege was well perceived and so the seed has been planted in their hearts.

Br. Tayu Celestine Suinyuy, FMS – Principal of ST Pius X Tatum College

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