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“Its happening” at Champagnat Global

AGORÁ is the name of the web tool that facilitates the connection and exchange of educators from around the world in the Marist Global Network of Schools. Below we present the adaptations that this platform had in the recent weeks.

Following the suggestions of some of the members of Champagnat Global, AGORÁ now has the double possibility of getting to know the members of the group of which one is a member and getting to know all the members of the school community who are registered on the platform. In other words, AGORÁ functions as a social network of Marist educators.

This is the reason why a migration has just been made to: where the AGORÁ group interaction platform has been integrated in the same web portal.

Those who wish to participate for the first time, must register on the platform following the instructions by clicking on the JOIN AGORA button that appears at the top of the menu.

For those who were already participating in the previous platform, their data has already been transferred to the new platform, but they must activate by changing their password. When you click on the LOG IN button, you will see a box with your username and password and underneath it, click on “Have you forgotten your password?

We would also like to take this opportunity to offer some guidelines on how to navigate the new AGORÁ interface.


Once you have joined AGORÁ, you must LOG IN:

First thing! We recommend Editing your PROFILE:

  • Attach your photo.
  • Adjust your email, setting your preference to prevent too much information from reaching you by default.

AGORÁ, offers you different ways to participate:

  • GROUPS: Be part of a group and talk, debate, and work on initiatives with other members of the school community with whom you share a common interest.
  • ACTIVITY: Participate in activity, posting something interesting that you want to share with the community.
  • MEMBERS: Meet and contact different members of those who make up AGORÁ.
  • FORUMS: join the various general forums, open to all.

Look at the GROUPS!

Within the groups, in addition to the description of the content of the group, there are some resources that facilitate interaction:

  • Group activities: where you can share messages and information of interest.
  • Forum: Where the debates that are of interest to the group are created.
  • Members: You can see the profile of the group members and communicate with them through messages.
  • Invite: You can invite other network members to join your group.
  • Documents and Media: This is the place where documentation of interest to the group can be uploaded.