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International Education Coordinators meeting with Champagnat Global

Education coordinators from all administrative units of the Institute met online on 30th or 31st May, depending on the availability of the participants, to share the dynamics of the Marist global network of schools.

The main objectives of the meeting were related to:

  • Take up the conclusions of the Mexico 2022 meeting.
  • To know the main points proposed for the Champagnat Global Roadmap 2023-25.
  • Get up to date on the current dynamics of Champagnat Global.
  • To continue to team up and walk together, as a family, in the development of the global Marist network of schools.

Brother José Sanchez Bravo, director of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelisation, whose presence was not possible due to major reasons, wanted to send a message in which, in addition to thanking the closeness that is being generated among all, he emphasised that the management of Champagnat Global is working so that the network does not generate an additional burden for us, but rather, provides us with the benefit of collaboration and co-creation.

The meeting highlighted the dynamism that is gradually being generated in Agorá, especially in the groups of Internationalisation, Educational Innovation, Interiority and Marist formation.

An important part of the meeting was also devoted to discussing some of the upcoming open network activities planned for this year:

  • Champagnat Global 2023: “Together to look beyond”. Webinar: Building the Global Compact on Education at Marist School
  • Champagnat Global Week which will take place from 16th to 22th October 2023. A space to share with the whole Marist School Family, the initiatives and the wealth generated in AGORÁ.
  • MOOC Marist Course on Global Citizenship. A way of furthering Marcellin Champagnat’s purpose: “To form good Christians and virtuous citizens”, in today’s world. It will be launched as part of Champagnat Global Week.

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