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Educators from Africa and Europe take the process of building the Network

On 23 September 2021, another milestone was reached in the process of building the Marist Global School Network. Almost 200 members of the school community (Brothers, teachers, students, parents) from Africa and Europe celebrated the third of the regional pre-summits organized to dream and design together the Network that will soon become a reality.

Brother Ben Consigli, dedicated a very special greeting to the whole school community, encouraging the feeling of working as one family.

The workshop, organized online, aimed to dream, and feel the network that we want to build collaboratively.

With the help of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology, a very special moment was experienced where everyone was able to visualize the future of the network, to share their desires with others, and to share their dreams.

The day concluded by inviting everyone to express the aspects to be considered to have a good Network. The most repeated were:

  • Participation of all those who make up the Marist Family, brothers, teachers, parents and especially the students.
  • Ensure the maintenance and updating of the platform #ChampagnatGlobal
  • Put the best resources, human and material to make it a reality.
  • Multiply intercultural meetings and exchange.
  • People first.
  • Connection between all schools.
  • Exchange for teachers and students.
  • Intercultural training.
  • Promote educational innovation.
  • Count on the support of Marist publishers and universities.
  • Promote internet access in countries that do not have it.
  • International volunteer experiences in which teachers, families, former students can participate…
  • Network of networks.

The summit will take place from the 25th – 29th October, the final stage of the collaborative process, where all the ideas that have emerged will be put into practice and proposals will be made around which groups interested in sharing and deepening these themes will be formed.

The Network will bring together    members of the international Marist school community around different themes. Surely some will be of interest to you.