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Champa Bike: this was the Global Run of Champagnat School (Salamanca, Spain)

The school year is coming to an end and so are the routes that the schools enrolled in Global Run have been running during these months.

Champagnat School (Salamanca, Spain) decided to run its kilometres as part of the Champa Bike learning and service project carried out by the students of the first cycle of primary school. Under the supervision of Félix Jiménez, a teacher at the school, the chosen destination was the Instituto Marista La Inmaculada (Honduras).

This project is based on the use of bicycles at school and deals with road safety education, traffic rules, as well as first aid, learning the basic actions to take in the event of an injury or accident. The main objective is the responsible use of bicycles for getting around the city and to encourage family physical activity as a healthy and environmentally friendly habit.

This project is also promoted by some of the school’s parents who present content from their professions (such as doctors or policemen) through talks, videos and workshops.

With a total of 8,400 kilometres covered in record time, these are some of the moments left by the Champa Bike:

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